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2021 - Now

CapitalOne UK Software Development Engineer

Working in a developer-tooling team; creating infrastructure, internal developer tools, and sharing knowledge of AWS Cloud solutions. This role covers some dev-rel and developer advocacy work through encouragement and support of migrations to AWS Cloud services from on-prem.

My other responsibilies are: working on tooling to simplify developer experience and providing dev resources when capacity allows — all while providing training where required, and ensuring developers are onboarded in an industry-compliant way.

When not assisting with migration and CICD pipeline work, I work on tools ranging from package-management, chrome extension, dev-env automation, and more.

2020 - 2021

Distinction Ltd Software Engineer

Work with clients across a wide range of domains, to create, maintain, and migrate their websites . As a software engineer at Distinction, I work mostly with Kentico CMS, C# (with .NET Framework), NodeJS, as well as the front-end technology stacks.

I contributed towards the creation and release of a major client website, worked with clients to resolve is sues and implement changes that lead to more efficient and stable products, and initiated process changes based on recommendations I made to simplify development and enable cost- saving. During my time at Distinction, I continue to upskill in Kentico, Pantheon, and Umbraco CMS.

2016 – 2020

NTU Graduation BSc Computer Science

  • Computer Science Programming
  • Internet Applications Programming
  • Practical Project Management and Prof Development
  • Information and Database Engineering
  • 2018 - 2022

    ProjectFunction Co-Founder

    Create opportunities for people to learn and get into the tech industry by providing free courses to those who are underrepresented in the field. I am in charge of creating and maintaining both the main website and the learning hub, as well as maintaining the database. I am able to make use of my knowledge of NodeJS, JavaScript, and EJS, when developing the site for ProjectFunction. This role also involved working with industry partners and sponsors, to negotiate and form collaborations.

    2018 – 2019

    ERT Associate Software Developer

    I had the opportunity to work as part of the research and development team at ERT during a year-long placement where my duties included; feature design and implementation, as well as maintaining databases. Further to these, I was able to put my knowledge of JavaScript, C# and .NET to use in a larger scale product, while learning how to make these more efficient.


    Code First: Girls Coding Coach

    Worked as a team to provide coding assistance and mentorship to students aged 17+ with JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTML. Assisted students in acquiring skills to write efficient code, as well as providing implementation methods for their individual project ideas. In some cases, the individual has gone away to launch their startups, based on the ideas and guidance.


    Just-Eat UK Android Dev Intern

    Worked under the mentorship of the Head of Android Development Team on the Jus t-Eat Android mobile application. Learned about project management, scrum and sprints from the project manager, as well as shadowing the UI team during their proposal for the next campaign.


    EC1 Spectrum Studios IT Engineer

    Provided IT assistance to teaching staff and students. Deployed, setup and configured digital instruments and software. This experience has also given me the chance to improve upon my C#, Java and PHP skills. In addition to the duties above, worked as part of the publication team to release digital advertisements, film, and record public interviews.

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