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This post has been a long time in the making. I've been scratching my head, wondering how to announce this major milestone in my life. When writing notes for my website, I often like to form a story to help me get my thought process across; but the thing is, this doesn't need a story because it is already a story on its own. And after many unsuccessful attempts at starting this post, I'll cut straight to the chase; I'm moving back to London.

This decision had been settled for a while now, and when I first announced it to my closest, everyone was somewhat shocked but supportive. After spending 6+ years in Nottingham, I feel like it is finally time to move on and move out. I've made so many memories along the way, met so many amazing people, forged new connections, made life-long friends, shared some amazing experiences (see PF), and was welcomed into great communities like the NTU Pride Society, and Tech Nottingham. These are the ones I will cherish forever; they have helped me discover who I am, and have helped shape who I want to be and what I want to achieve. 💕

Pride Soc Group Pic on the Left, ProjectFunction Group Pic on the right
Pride Soc Group Pic on the Left, ProjectFunction Group Pic on the right

As some of you may know, I moved to Nottingham a little over 6 years ago for University; I did a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Since then I made great new friends, co-founded an amazing community-driven company called ProjectFunction, and made Nottingham my home. After leaving NTU, I went straight into work, working for a clinical trial company, then a local web agency before moving to my current Job as a Software Development Engineer at CapitalOne. I've learned a lot along the way but eventually started wondering whether there was more to it. As much as I love Notts, I ended up outgrowing it. Covid didn't help; a lot of the places I enjoyed frequenting have either closed down (looking at you Propaganda), or changed beyond recognition. I needed space to stretch. London was the ideal next candidate having grown up there and having family based there. I just needed one more reason to make the life-changing move.

Last week, my partner started a new job in London; this was the perfect opportunity to make the move - and so the wheels were put in motion. I spoke to work and got the green light to transfer to their london office, and then announced to my closest and dearest friends and family. I don't know what awaits, but I can truly say that I am ready for the next chapter of this adventure, and I'm excited to share my learnings and experiences in London. This isn't the last Notts will see of me; I will return to visit regularly. 🫶🏽

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